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Germanium - The Health & Life Enhancer

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Esoteric And Speculative Aspects Of Organic Germanium

Transcending The Mind - Entering Spiritual Realms

The esoteric traditions of East and West tell us that we, as conscious entities, are more than the mind. In fact, one of the fundamental illusions that has been stamped upon our brains is that the physical is all that is real. So-called transcendental or altered states of consciousness connect us with other dimensions available to us, that we can relate to with senses other than simply the logical mind. These types of experiences are not as rare or weird as often thought - most of us have felt uncommonly moved by the awe of a violent storm, the silence of a beautiful sunset, the might of a roaring river, exhilaration of speed in skiing or running, those times when so totally relaxed that we just seem to "melt" and time stands still. These "peak experiences" have been felt by most of us. What we may not have realized is that this experience of reality is probably more "true" than our usual fear-dominated everyday mode of trials and tribulations which keeps us on an endless wheel of mental gymnastics and regurgitation.

The upsurge in interest in phenomena which are not easily understandable by ordinary logic has led to the active participation by many in meditation and spiritual practices which attune and access qualities which have been named psychic, intuitive, feminine - those parts of our being which can foretell disaster many miles away, which can "feel" the breeze, marvel at the sunset, and intuit what is "going on" in another person. To develop and pay attention to the intuitive, the spiritual, is not to refute science or logic. Rather, all of these aspects of consciousness represent the sum total of our developed awareness.

When physicists in this century were confronted with a paradigm which didn't conform to currently respected dogma, they literally had to declare ignorance - what had appeared to be simply could not be so, according to the rules of physics. This had led physicists to adopt a position more familiar in the past to that of the philosophers or mystics - that much of the way we view reality is an illusion. Much of western science is based upon the premise of an objective observer - this premise has been shown to be untrue. There is no such thing as an isolated, objective observer. Every particle, action, person, thing, is interconnected to the rest of the universe. This has led to the development of what has been called the holistic paradigm, a way of looking at things in their entirety - remembering that the whole is not simply the sum of all the separate parts.

Men of vision who have spanned the worlds of vision and science have always been with us and we benefit from the legacy of their ability to "see" beyond the obvious, to "imagine" things that simply could not be explained. In their time, Copernicus and Galileo were ridiculed for postulating that the Earth was not the centre of the universe. Leonardo da Vinci had the vision to design a flying machine centuries before this marvel became a reality. Kekule literally "dreamed" the vision from whence came the resonance theory in chemistry. Even the discovery of penicillin can be partly attributed to the farsightedness of Alexander Fleming not throwing away the fuzzy petri dish with the white mould growing on it. Almost all the great discoveries were probably thought impossible at the time they were proposed. This simply reflects the limited capacity of our left-brain to go beyond what is known into the unknown. Science at its essence is a great leap into and exploration of the unknown. True expansive science, which utilizes all our faculties, is at one with magic, alchemy, the historical pursuit of great art and creation.

The Healing Abilities Of Organic Germanium Defy Normal Logic

Organic Germanium appears to be able to effect therapeutic benefit in almost every illness imaginable. This in itself makes this substance highly suspect to our sceptical mind - it almost seems too good to be true, and therefore could be considered to be yet another phoney "miracle" cure. However, in this case, the rigorous scientific evidence to date of its efficacy pinpoints properties which are proven and understandable scientifically. Therefore we have measured and can verify organic Germanium's immune-enhancing, oxygen-enriching, free radical scavenging, and analgesic properties. Good. But, what if we go beyond the purely logical, measurable entities and entertain speculation about other non-physical properties about this element Germanium which may help to explain some of its "elixir"-like qualities? It is not necessary to believe in esoterica to entertain speculation - merely to suspend disbelief. The truth is that we don't really know all there is to know about Germanium - perhaps in speculating we will come closer to the truth and discover more of its secrets.

Is Organic Germanium An Elixir?

Dr. Asai had the original insight and conceived the idea of organic Germanium being of therapeutic value in the body, and also worked for decades as a researcher to actually synthesize the organic form of this element. Dr. Asai says in his book about this substance:

"...my connection with germanium started by chance, certainly, but I cannot help perceiving there a working of some supernormal inevitability....when I review the seventy-odd years of my life, I seem to find a consistent thread or a command from some outside source that transcends my own will which has determined my continued research of this amazing compound....it is a substance understandable only through high level meditative deliberations with a highly sharpened mind....when I gaze upon the single crystal of germanium with its silver-grey sheen, I have the illusion of seeing my whole life crystallized in this substance; I also feel, on the palm of my hand, the touch of a substance I am tempted to describe as the fountain of life that fills the universe."

The notion of an elixir is as old as man himself. It is the much sought-after quest for the philosopher's stone, of transmuting base metals into gold, of the substance which if drunk, could grant eternal youth and life. Is there substance to this quest, or are these mere fairy tales? The alchemical formulae for the philosopher's stone are well-guarded secrets granted only to those initiates entitled to the knowledge; however, certain principles have come down to us through the ages which offer a useful point of departure when attempting to discuss organc Germanium as a potential elixir.

One criterium for the elixir substance is that it be from the earth, an ore, a metal. Germanium certainly fulfils this property. Also, that during its transmutation it be "fired" to be purified. Germanium is extracted during the smelting of zinc and copper ores. Continuing on in this vein, that during an intermediate stage it be a white, crystalline substance, soluble in water. Organic Germanium is a white crystalline substance, water soluble. Not being an accomplished alchemist, I cannot talk with great authority of organic Germanium being an elixir; however, I point out these qualities which bear a striking resemblance to the age-old alchemical mysteries and thus perhaps inspire contemplation of this element's ultimate potential.

What Does Number 32 Represent?

Dr. Asai consulted several noted religious and spiritual experts on divination systems, all of whom independently asserted that of number 32 "the substance is the origin of all creatures and substances and forms the centre of all things in the universe and performs miracles".

In the Quabala, the western esoteric tradition of magic (27), the numbers 3 + 2 add up to 5, which represents the sphere of Gevurah, of precision and strength on the pillar of form of the Tree of Life. Also, 32 represents four 8's, or 8 in the four worlds of the Quabalistic system. The number 8 represents the sphere of Hod, which represents the mind, the will, the magician, the healer, also upon the pillar of form of the Tree of Life.

In the Chinese esoteric tradition, the numbers 3 and 2 represent the heaven and earth, and the energy moving and joining them together could represent a great healing substance.

Germanium Is A Crystal

Crystals embody energies which can be effectively channelled for insight and healing. The healing properties of crystals are becoming well known, and many people are learning to attune and utilize these healing energies for personal and planetary healing. The healing nature of crystals is thought to be derived from "energy" fields, which ultimately are a consequence of electrons creating these energy fields (7). Organic Germanium in its solid form is a crystal, and, of course, one of the most fundamental properties of Germanium is its semi-conductor nature, its ability to donate and receive electrons easily. Many of organic Germanium's healing properties may be due to its intrinsic electronic qualities.

Germanium And Energy Fields

When attempting to rationalize how a substance can actually work to alleviate the symptoms of many diverse illnesses, I have over and over again returned to the concept of somehow altering the electric potential, the energy field of an individual. In Chinese medicine, chi or ki is the energy field. When an individual is sick, his energy is "blocked", and treatments such as acupuncture can "unblock" and bring his energy into alignment, or balance, where healing can occur.

Could it be that organic Germanium is actually working at a fundamental energy level of the body, helping to restore balance to a system out of balance?

Recently some experimental results were communicated to me by an electro-acupuncturist from Germany, who has been using methodology according to Dr. Reinhold Voll, which has intricately calibrated settings on the electrical scale with corresponding conditions. In these reported electro-acupuncture experiments, various foods, flour, grain and bread caused severe pain and allergic reaction. When the grain and flour were soaked in Germanium water, the points were no longer painful and appeared to reach equilibium. If, in addition to being soaked in Germanium water, the bread, grain, flour and water were also placed in a magnetic field of 40 hertz, the substances not only were not painful, but also insecticides could no longer be detected.

Other experiments documenting organic Germanium's biophysical properties have been performed (55), pointing to this substance's ability to influence energetic and magnetic properties.

It is intriguing, albeit still premature, to link Germanium's action with those of energetic healing phenomena which work with the "subtle energy fields" of the body.

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