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Introduction - Germanium
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Germanium - The Health & Life Enhancer

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This book summarizes for the general reader the therapeutic properties of organic Germanium, a health enhancing trace element. The information has been compiled from a broad spectrum of diverse sources, including medical and scientific journals, individual clinical practitioners, as well as case histories from the Asai Germanium and European natural healing oriented clinics. It is astonishing and somewhat mystifying that a trace element with such a voluminous quantity of documented research has remained unrecognized before now by nutritionists and the medical profession. Apart from Dr. Asai's own book, 'Miracle Cure - Organic Germanium', published in 1980, which has not been widely available, there is as yet no consumer-oriented book on the subject. In compiling this book, I am attempting to fill this gap.

Our understanding of the profoundly vital and therapeutic effects exerted by minerals has grown exponentially during the last few decades. Hard research data has documented the significant effects that minerals such as zinc, selenium and chromium have on a multiplicity of conditions (35,65,79,80), including immune function, heart disease and blood sugar disorders. This has been reflected in the large number of books and articles appearing in health food stores, consumer magazines, and the attention (and money) spent on nutritional supplementation. Minerals such as zinc, chromium, selenium, copper, manganese, molybdenum, magnesium receive serious attention by medical and holistic practitioners alike (15,41,113).

Organic Germanium, not yet generally recognized as a nutritional supplement, will likely become a significant trace mineral because of its safety and versatile range of therapeutic properties, which have enabled somewhat 'miraculous' remissions and cures, particularly in the hands of the Japanese, who have had the most experience with this element. A critical analysis of the underlying mechanisms of how organic Germanium works in performing its various tasks takes its effects out of the 'miraculous' and places them open to common sense understanding.

Germanium is not a magical substance, although its effects are sometimes remarkable. Germanium is a semi-metal which comes out of the earth and is present everywhere. Its elemental semiconductor properties made it highly prized by the electronics industry. Although it may not function analagously as a semiconductor in the body, organic Germanium's electronic structure and configuration enable it to carry out many tasks which have a healing effect on the body, including the elimination and neutralization of toxic substances such heavy metals and free radicals, and protection of blood cells from radiation. And elegant research at the molecular level has unambiguously documented organic Germanium's immuno-enhancing properties, particularly in cancer and arthritis.

Organic Germanium has been thoroughly researched by both the orthodox scientific and alternative holistic communities, with encouraging therapeutic results acceptable to the framework and philosophy of both these healing traditions. The versatility of organic Germanium's therapeutic effects, and its virtual non-toxicity, make it a highly attractive substance to anyone interested in attaining and maintaining good health. I have been taking a nutritional (low) dose of organic Germanium since I first encountered this work and I have felt that this substance has enhanced my energy level. I have also been impressed by the very positive, albeit anecdotal case history reports from clinics and practitioners all over the world. Therefore, based upon the extensive therapeutic and safety documentation on organic Germanium, I would certainly encourage anyone to try it for him/herself.

Which brings the question full circle back to the individual, the most important component in the entire health equation. Organic Germanium is not a 'magic bullet'. The individual is the healer, who, with judicious guidance and inner wisdom, chooses what works for him. Dr. Asai believed that the most important criteria for getting better was the individual's conviction that he/she would get well. It has been scientifically established and accepted that our emotional state, stress level, and the food we eat, all play an inter-related role in the function of our body's defence mechanism, the immune system, which to a large extent, determines our state of health. Nutrition, stress management and preventive medicine are now indispensable tools of general medical practice. This book provides the most up-to-date information regarding organic Germanium's many therapeutic properties.

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