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Editorial Issue 271

Positive Health PH Online Issue 271 is scheduled to be published live on 10 June 2021, merely 11 days before Stage 4 of the Road Map Recovery Plan – opening up and easing...

Editorial Issue 272

Positive Health PH Online Issue 272 is published live 29 July 2021, ten days following Stage 4 of the UK Road Map – 19 July when mandatory COVID restrictions were lifted. As...

Editorial Issue 273

Positive Health PH Online Issue 273 is published live 9 September 2021. Amid international events including withdrawal of American and UK forces from Afghanistan, ferocious wild...

Editorial Issue 274

Positive Health PH Online Issue 274 published live on 21 Oct, sees the world at a pivotal moment, not only in the present tense, but also in long-term prospects of how Planet...

Editorial Issue 275

Positive Health PH Online January 2022 Issue 275 is published live on 9 Dec 2021 at a critical yet enigmatic juncture in the coronavirus pandemic – just weeks after the Omicron...

Editorial Issue 276

Positive Health PH Online Issue 276, is published live 27 Jan 2022 at yet another pivotal and unfathomable point, both with regard to the coronavirus pandemic – perhaps becoming...

Editorial Issue 277

Positive Health PH Online Issue 277 is published live Thursday 10 March 2022, two weeks into what can only be described as the most brutal, utterly destructive, unprovoked,...

Editorial Issue 278

Positive Health PH Online Issue 278 is published live 28 April 2022. All of us continue to witness and view from our distant homes the unending horror, brutality and apocalyptic...

Editorial Issue 279

Positive Health PH Online June Issue 279 is published live 9 June 2022 following the glorious and illuminating Platinum (70 years reign) Jubilee celebrations for Queen Elizabeth...

Editorial Issue 280

Positive Health PH Online August Issue 280 is published live 28 July, in the midst of a Tory Leadership Contest to select a new UK Prime Minister to replace Boris Johnson.

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