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Positive Health PH Online Issue 272 is published live 29 July 2021, ten days following Stage 4 of the UK Road Map – 19 July when mandatory COVID restrictions were lifted. As everyone on the planet will have noticed, COVID and all its consequences remains the apparently sole news item, with continuous arguments from all sides of society with their particular agendas:

Moustage Kamel RPh PGCM puts this media vaccination monotony extremely well in Behavioural Change Strategies Push Nationwide Vaccination published from orthomolecular.activehosted.com extracted below:

“Since the beginning of the worldwide pandemic narrative, all are led to one conclusion and one conclusion only:

"Vaccination is the only way out. Everyone must get the vaccine if we really want to go back to normal."

…“A better strategy would be to explain that many individuals tend to have deficiencies of essential nutrients as they age, and that these deficiencies are in large part the cause of higher mortality rate from viral infections. [12] As we age, we tend to eat less because our need for energy declines, but our need for essential nutrients increases. Then explain that since the side effects of vaccines can largely be prevented with adequate body levels of essential nutrients, eating an excellent diet along with adequate doses of vitamin and mineral supplements can ease the decision to get a vaccine -- and lower the risk of illness. [13] Treatment of a sore throat or cough that signals a viral infection is fairly straightforward by nebulizing hydrogen peroxide. [16] Since a variety of methods can reduce risk of severe infection in older people, eating an excellent diet, taking supplements of essential nutrients, and getting a vaccine can all be informed decisions. [6-17]”

…“Promote safe cost-effective treatments like Orthomolecular protocols, Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin. A protocol of vitamin D (5000 IU/d), vitamin C (1500-3000 mg/d in divided doses), magnesium (400-600 mg/d, divided doses in malate, citrate, or chloride form), and zinc (20-50 mg/d) can greatly reduce the risk of infection. [6-17”

Behavioural Change Strategies Push Nationwide Vaccination

by Moustafa Kamel RPh PGCM

Extracted from orthomolecular.activehosted.com

Positive Health PH Online has never promoted any single diagnostic nor treatment approach; rather the opposite, encouraging readers to not necessarily believe every expert, to do their own research and hopefully devise, design and be treated in a clinically effective, integrated and holistic manner. The editorial contents of Issue 272 embody the attributes of a multi-faceted, wide spectrum approach to achieve health of mind / body / spirit:

In The Sacred Mountain author Allan Armstrong writes:

“It is probable that the earliest system of spiritual development in Israel took the form of emulating Moses’ ascent of the sacred mountain of Sinai. This ascent is described in the Book of Exodus, the second book of the Pentateuch, which forms part of the oral tradition put into writing during the Babylonian captivity. It describes how the Jewish people, led by Moses, escaped from the land of Egypt. This narrative can be understood as a metaphor concerning the passage of the soul out of the mundane world, which signifies the body, the senses and the animal nature. thus Egypt signifies the bondage of the soul to the demands of the animal or instinctive animal nature.

“The Pentateuch consists of five books that among other things describe: the creation and fall of Humanity; the wandering of humanity in the world; Humanity’s enslavement and liberation from Egypt; Humanity’s entry into the wilderness and the pilgrimage to the holy mountain; Moses’ ascent of the holy mount; the covenant between God and humankind; the re-alignment of humankind with the divine law; Humanity’s entry into the Promised Land.”

A variety of articles in this issue discuss clinical aspects of health affecting society at large including: ME/CFS, Covid and Long Covid: Ivermectin and Rest, Cells Of Good Hope, 6 Reasons Why Drug Use In Teens Is Increasing, Long Covid or Mental Burnout – Life Beyond the Pandemic, and Modelling Project – Skill: Sleeping Like a Genius

Articles which discuss environmental, nutritional and regulatory issues of importance to our health include: EMFs – A Hidden Stress Causing Untold Harm to your Health, Add a Little Liquid Sunshine to your Diet and What is the Difference between Beauty and Complementary Therapy Qualifications in the Same Subjects?

Articles which discuss clinical subjects including weight loss, wellness, an alternative hypothesis about fibromyalgia / hypothyroidism abd dentistry include: Unlock Weight Loss Secrets With New Zealand Blackcurrant Curranz, 4 Tips for Enhancing your Wellness Routine In 2021 Fibromyalgia = Hypothyroidism, and Top Benefits Associated with Premium Dental Veneers

Research and Topics in the round can be found in Letters to the Editor and Research Updates Issue 272.

Dr Thomas Levy wrote up a COVID case study successfully treated with Hydrogen Peroxide Nebulization published in Letters to the Editor Issue 271:

“Already convinced of the ability of nebulized hydrogen peroxide to rapidly resolve any acute upper respiratory infection, typically viral, I immediately offered our friend the use of my nebulizer. At the time she started inhaling the 3% HP mist, she was literally coughing every 10 seconds or so. After a few minutes of the nebulization, her coughing began to decrease dramatically, along with the appearance of being more relaxed and at ease. She continued the nebulization for 15 minutes or so. When I talked to her the next day, she was coughing very little and had slept exceptionally well. However, it was clear she did not have a 100% clinical resolution, so she returned for another treatment. By the following morning, she was completely well.”

In Dr Levy’s 13th book – Rapid Virus Recovery – No Need to Live in Fear – reviewed in PH Online, he presents scientifically, comprehensively and articulately a multi-faceted array of techniques and clinical practices demonstrated to treat, indeed cure, chronic and acute respiratory viral syndromes, in particular COVID. He presents and discussed an array of Bio-Oxidative Therapies including Hydrogen Peroxide (HP) nebulization together with Vitamin C therapy as linchpins which can be used by the individual and/or with guidance by a qualified Integrative health care practitioner. The book does not address the issue of vaccination for COVID.

Rapid Virus Recovery – No Need to Live in Fear by Thomas E Levy MD JD

Reviewed: http://www.positivehealth.com/review/rapid-virus-recovery-no-need-to-live-in-fear

Free ebook download: https://rvr.medfoxpub.com/

I sincerely and whole-heartedly recommend Issue 272 to all PH Online readers.

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