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Positive Health PH Online Issue 271 is scheduled to be published live on 10 June 2021, merely 11 days before Stage 4 of the Road Map Recovery Plan – opening up and easing restrictions of the coronavirus lockdown – scheduled for 21 June. However, as appears to be par for the course with pandemics, the latest so-called Nepal variant – a mutant of the Indian or Delta variant has yet to be characterized regarding its transmissibility, and whether it will escape the vaccines thus far dispensed into the arms of more than 50% of the UK adult population.

The core philosophy of PH Online since its launch all those years ago in 1994 has been that we must all educate ourselves about the very best ways to strengthen our bodies, our minds and most importantly our immune systems. This applies to all conditions, including cancer, diabetes, heart conditions and COVID. Numerous PH Online resources abound for cancer – book reviews and articles as well as about 150 other topics encompassing the full spectrum of mind/body/spirit treatment approaches.

Dr Thomas Levy MD JD board-certified Cardiologist, author of numerous books, PH Online Author and leading Vitamin C Expert worldwide has written up an astonishing COVID Case Study, published in Issue 271 Letters to the Editor regarding a visit about 1.5 years ago to Columbia and the treatment via a nebulizer using 3% hydrogen peroxide (HP) initially of a friend of his wife and subsequently her ‘treatment’ of 20 patients:

“Most of these individuals were already significantly ill with their infections when they first came to her. Seven of the 20 cases had decided to be tested for COVID, and all of them tested positive. The rest had not taken a test, yet they had similar clinical profiles, and they could reliably be assumed to be dealing with COVID infections in the setting of a pandemic…
“All of the patients reported significant improvement after the completion of the first 30 minutes of nebulization, including near-immediate improvement in the ease of breathing by those who had the most advanced infections. Some noted nasal and throat irritation with increased mucus production, but all declined the option to dilute the 3% solution as they expressed the desire to resolve their infections as rapidly as possible. After the first two days of nebulization (6 treatments for a total of 180 minutes) all patients felt much better, well on the path to complete resolution of their viral symptoms. At that time some opted to take a 50% dilution (1.5% HP) for the remaining 9 treatments over the last three days. At the end of 5 days, all 20 patients appeared to have achieved complete clinical cures.”

Dr Levy further asserts “3% HP nebulization can rapidly eliminate the COVID pandemic worldwide if enough people find out about it and start doing it. Rapid Virus Recovery is available now, in both English or Spanish, as a free download.” Available to download from https://rvr.medfoxpub.com/

PH Online Issue 271 embodies the genuine whole person healthcare approach to health on every level of our being, with psychospiritual /mental / mind-oriented editorial features from practitioners with an accumulation of many decades of professional and clinical experience including:

Therapeutically and clinically oriented articles include:

Nutritional and biochemically oriented ground-breaking articles include:

Articles focusing upon Bodywork and the Physical Body include:

A magnitude of vital information across many healthcare issues are included in the Letters to the Editor, and Research Updates report findings across a wide spectrum of health topics.

There are a wide variety of sites offering further analyses of vaccination statistics: Case Admission Rates, PCR Bias, COVID-19 Vaccine Efficacy and Effectiveness, mRNA Vaccines circulating in our bloodstream, Vaccine Spike Protein and Blood Clots

“Vaccine efficacy is generally reported as a relative risk reduction (RRR). It uses the relative risk (RR) – i.e., the ratio of attack rates with and without a vaccine – which is expressed as 1–RR. Ranking by reported efficacy gives relative risk reductions of 95% for the Pfizer –BioNTech, 94% for the Moderna – NIH, 90% for the Gamaleya, 67% for the J&J, and 67% for the AstraZeneca–Oxford vaccines. However, RRR should be seen against the background risk of being infected and becoming ill with COVID-19, which varies between populations and over time. Although the RRR considers only participants who could benefit from the vaccine, the absolute risk reduction (ARR), which is the difference between attack rates with and without a vaccine, considers the whole population. ARRs tend to be ignored because they give a much less impressive effect size than RRRs: 1·3% for the AstraZeneca–Oxford, 1·2% for the Moderna–NIH, 1·2% for the J&J, 0·93% for the Gamaleya, and 0·84% for the Pfizer–BioNTech vaccines.”


I wish all PH Online readers enjoyment of the clinical knowledge and information contained within Issue 271.

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