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Positive Health PH Online August Issue 280 is published live 28 July, in the midst of a Tory Leadership Contest to select a new UK Prime Minister to replace Boris Johnson.

The war in Ukraine grimly, depressingly continues with little resolution in sight. In June and July 2022, heatwaves struck Europe, North Africa, the Middle East, and Asia, as temperatures climbed above 40 degrees Celsius (104 degrees Fahrenheit) in places and broke many long-standing records.  And very sadly, Dr Vladimir “Zev” Zelenko, who combined Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ), zinc, azithromycin, and other various drugs, especially steroids, creating what came to be known as the “Zelenko protocol” as a successful clinical treatment for Covid-19, died of cancer at age 48.

Here are several authoritative sites with a non-mainstream take on the health news:

John Dee’s Almanac – Baking Even Better With ARIMA (part 1) – Assessing the influence of mass viral testing programmes on case positivity: are we experiencing a testdemic?

Alliance for Natural Health International –  What's really causing blood clots & heart attacks? According to the MSM...

Dr Sircus – Breathing to Live Longer

Probability and Law – All you need to know to understand why the ONS data on mortality by vaccine status is systemically flawed

In the Cover Story The Memory Palace of Bones – Exploring Embodiment through the Skeletal System, David Lauterstein movingly and evocatively relates how he and a professional bodywork colleague, subsequent co-author Dr Jeff Rockwell DC  evolved the project of writing a book focused on bones rather than muscles…

“The more Jeff and I visited the more we shared enthusiasms and insights into the science and art of the healing process.  In early 2020 Jeff told me he wanted to co-write a book, similar to my first book, but focused on the bones, rather than the muscles.

“That was intriguing and we soon began our project as an exchange of correspondences about each major bone of the body.  Soon a unifying theme and image emerged – that of the “memory palace”.  Jeff and I found, in our introspections about the skeletal system, that we were kind of walking through memories from our clinical practice, from our detailed studies of anatomy, from the direct experience of touching the living members of the skeletal system. “We equally imagined bones as embodying in their evolved formation ancestral “memories” through the ages of humans and animals.

“These inner explorations felt more and more as if we were walking in our imaginations through a palace or a temple of memory.  So the notion of memory palaces became more and more intriguing and persistent.”

PH Online August Issue 280 presents a wide-ranging selection of informative and relevant editorial features describing a multitude of natural clinical treatment approaches encompassing all aspects of Mind / Body / Spirit, including Editorial Features, Letters to the Editor, Research Updates and Short Features and Brief Takes.

The following article discusses emotional and spiritual aspects for attaining optimal health:

When More is Not Merrier

The following features discuss clinical methods to achieve better health and environment:

Covid Long-Haulers: Why Fish Oil, Evening Primrose Oil or Vitamin B12 Might Help

Is Adding Fluoride to our Public Water Supply Health Enhancement or Disease Enhancing?

How Seasonal Change and Time Changes Mess With our Brains

Liposomal Vitamin C helps Overcome Post-Covid Symptoms

The following articles describes treatment of broader topics within Medicine:

The Importance of the Glymphatic System

Infectious Diseases - Nomenclature and Causation

The following articles are written for clinicians and describe treatments and approaches in Training, Bodywork, Backache and the Skeletal System:

Training as an Essential Oil Practitioner

Pilates – Reshaping, Strengthening the Body and Core, Improving Flexibility, without Stressing the Joints

6 Worst Things That Causes Sciatica to Flare Up

The Memory Palace of Bones – Exploring Embodiment through the Skeletal System

The Letters to the Editors Issue 280 discuss highly topical subjects including Uncertainty, Monkeypox, Childhood and Sarcopenic Obesity, and Prevention of COVID-19 with Hydrogen Peroxide and Research Updates include Research in the following subjects: acupuncture, anxiety, ageing, cancer, CFS-me-Covid, essential fatty acids, herbalism, immune function, meditation.

I commend this excellent August Issue 280 for your education and knowledge advancement;  when we publish PH Online Issue 281 there will be a new UK Prime Minister.

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