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I should be deliriously happy, as a qualified research scientist, that research now appears to occupy media headlines, shouldn't I?

"Vegetarians less likely to develop cancer"
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Many people, myself included, are a patchwork of being both mind (left brain)-oriented (live in their heads), as well as emotionally perceptive, sensitive and prone to mood swings. It is exciting to visualize, plan and imagine projects, whether it be in financial, health or personal arenas, and extrapolate to the end result.
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Most PH readers are familiar with the wide variety of expert shades of opinion which prevails within just about every health discipline. This includes fields as diverse as Healing, Bodywork, Herbal Medicine, Nutrition, Herbal Medicine, Naturopathy; in fact in certain instances there are probably as many divergent points of view in each profession as there are practitioners!
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Editorial Issue 154 Print Email
During this transition period around the New Year 2009, the contents of the PH Online Jan Issue 154 provide us with substantive yet contemplative material upon which to reflect.
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Just as we are publishing this June 2009 Issue 159 of PH Online, the death of Dr Abram Hoffer at age 92, has been reported. Dr Hoffer was one of the great pioneers of Orthomolecular Medicine, and he lived a long, eventful and productive life.
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Searching for and researching the best information regarding our health conditions, and not necessarily trusting and accepting what the experts pronounce, can help to save our own life and that of our loved ones.
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This Dec Issue 153 of PH Online has an appropriately seasonal theme – with the nights starting to close in and, as animals, we feel like hibernating to re-charge our batteries for the coming winter.
Much is included about the power of healing – Healing Power of Music, Theta Healing – Letting Go of Limiting Beliefs, colour therapy The Prescribed Walk in the Park. Even the expert columns Diagnosis in Chinese Medicine: The Art of 'Doing Nothing' and Daoist Tips for 21st Century Living: Simplify, Simplify also have a soft theme of yielding and going with the flow.
However, it is the topic introduced by Gina Pickersgill in The Ins and Outs of Emotional Eating which has provided me with the inspiration to discuss personal insights regarding how pervasive other people's perception of my own Body Size and Shape has been throughout my life.
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As we publish PH Online May Issue 158, the world community is at a knife's edge, wondering whether the Swine Influenza Virus H1N1 will become a pandemic event, and if so, if this will be a virulent or mild strain.
There are considerable warnings [hype and panic] over all forms of media, as governments seek to reassure citizens that there are sufficient stockpiles of antiviral drugs.
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Even were we not now living through perhaps the greatest period of financial turmoil since the Great Depression, February is typically the time of the year when the high from all the Xmas and New Year celebrations may have turned to feelings of overwork, deluged responsibilities, fear of indebtedness and not enough money to pay the bills.
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These are exceedingly frustrating times for those of us, and that includes most PH readers, who yearn for an integrated approach to healthcare which embraces the best of all disciplines and modalities from the entire medicine repertoire.Despite the polarized information from both the conventional and alternative/complementary medicine camps which posits a conspiracy on the part of the pharmaceutical and orthodox medicine establishment to wipe out non-drug medicine, I still harbour the hope that the majority of conventional doctors who espouse these views are more likely the victims of their inadequate training in other approaches, and the somewhat fundamentalist guidelines published by the medical hierarchy which favour RCTs (randomized controlled trials) over case-based medicine and the general media which are not expertly schooled in scientific and research methodology.
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