Metaphors in Mind - Transformation through Symbolic Modelling

Symbolic Modelling in a nutshell

Symbolic Modelling is a method for facilitating individuals to become familiar with the symbolic domain of their experience so that they discover new ways of perceiving themselves and their world. It uses Clean Language to facilitate them to attend to their metaphoric expressions so that they create a model of their symbolic mindbody perceptions. This model exists as a living, breathing, four-dimensional world within and around them.

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Medicine Hands: Massage Therapy for People with Cancer

Gayle Macdonald has produced an exceptional treasure store of valuable information. Her book will certainly be joining my book reference shelf.

Medicine Hands provides an authoritative, compassionate and medically invaluable reference about cancer and bodywork which is unique to my experience. The seven comprehensive Appendices alone make the book extremely informative, providing extensive lists and explanations regarding Medical Terminology and Vocabulary, Abbreviations, Types of Cancers, Organisations, Publications, Patient Data and Evaluation Forms, Types of Bodywork and the Benefits of Bodywork for Cancer Patients.

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Living Food for Health - 12 Natural Superfoods to Transform Your Health

Parsley: Like a Multi-vitamin

Nutritionally: the culinary multi-vitamin; a nutrient powerhouse. Contains high levels of beta carotene, vitamin B12, chlorophyll, calcium, more vitamin C than citrus fruits, and just about all other known nutrients.

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Integrated Cancer Care: Holistic Complementary and Creative Approaches

The Editor of this substantive, weighty, yet inspiring book, Jennifer Barraclough, deserves congratulations in putting together an incredibly diverse groups of contributors, including Rosy Daniel, Tony and Ann Neate, George Lewith and Julian Kenyon, Heather Goodare, Sally Baldwin, Michael Baum, Beata Bishop, Catherine Zollman and myself, not to mention a cast of numerous other specialists from many varied disciplines.

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Loc Le Ribault's Resistance: The creation of a treatment for arthritis and the persecution of its author France's foremost forensic scientist

This is an extraordinary, highly sinister and bizarre tale, about the discovery by a reputable, indeed famous, scientist of the therapeutic properties of organic silica for a multitude of serious health conditions. Here was one of France's foremost scientists, expert on the electron scanning microscope, who during the 1980s applied his considerable expertise to forensic science and police investigations, becoming one of France's most adept solver of crimes.

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It's Not Carpal Tunnel Syndrome: RSI Theory and Therapy for Computer Professionals

This book was recommended to me by the Osteopath to my partner, who had been suffering intermittent neck and shoulder shooting pains, which appear to be related to posture and exercise regime. I thought that I had been well informed about carpal tunnel syndrome and Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI), which play such a major role in injuries afflicting bodyworkers, massage therapists, not to mention all of us who use computer keyboards everyday.

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Indigenous Herbal Medicines: Tribal Formulations and Traditional Herbal Practices

Drs Acharya and Shrivastava have achieved in this book the multi-faceted objectives of furthering the knowledge and documentation of the vital yet potentially disappearing practices and peoples of traditional herbal medicines, as well as pleading for the establishment of respectful institutional structures which will help to preserve the people, their practices and prevent the destruction of an unquantifiable treasure to humanity.

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Living Proof - A Medical Mutiny

In Spring 1994, 54-year old Michael Gearin-Tosh was diagnosed with incurable multiple myeloma (cancer of the blood and immune system). The survival prognosis cited was bleak – anywhere from a few months to 2-3 years. Because the treatment offered – chemotherapy (Melphalan) was not a cure, and perhaps due to Mr Gearin-Tosh's pedantic and rather obstinate nature, he refused cytotoxic treatment, adopted an extremely vigorous nutritional approach, composed of the Gerson therapy, plus additional supplements, acupuncture and visualization, and is still alive today, eight years later.

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Integrating Complementary Therapies in Primary Care

Why do general practitioners (GPs) seem so open to complementary therapies? The nature of family medicine is a clue: GPs deal mostly with acute disease, which would get better on its own, and with a great deal of chronic degenerative disease like arthritis and heart failure. True, they witness some (but not a great deal of) catastrophic disease like cancer and coronaries, but far more long-term relapsing disorders: asthma, digestive or skin problems; conditions where tissues are sound yet organs malfunction, often because of a 'stress-related' component.

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I'm Fine! Learning to Unblock Your Emotions

Emotional Well-Being - Healing our Emotions

What seems to happen for many of us is that in at least some areas of our lives, we get stuck on the Ladder on one or other rung. Once stuck - because it was too painful, the time was not right, or for whatever reason - it is difficult to get moving again - so we become 'frozen' to one particular rung of the ladder. But by realising that there is such a Ladder and that we are stuck, we have insight into our problems and are able to start moving again, or at least recognise our need to get started.

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