Side Effects: A Prosecutor, a Whistleblower, and a Bestselling Antidepressant on Trial

I have grown accustomed over the years to reading about the excesses of  pharmaceutical companies and have, over the years, reviewed and published reviews with titles such as The Cholesterol Myths by Dr Uffe Ravnskov MD PhD which involved misrepresentation of clinical data on a massive scale over several decades, Overdo$ed America: The Broken Promise of American Medicine by Dr John Abramson MD and Food is Better Medicine Than Drugs: Your Prescription for Drug-Free Health by Patrick Holford & Jerome Burne.

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Reinventing Medicine: Beyond Mind-Body to a New Era of Healing

Larry Dossey is a medical doctor who is also an acknowledged authority about spiritual healing. This is a heavy-duty book, which offers at the same time highly serious content as well as compellingly compulsive reading.

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Overcoming Overeating Conquer your Obsession with Food

|The Fight-Back Response| Dr. Janet Polivy and Dr. Peter Herman have done extensive research at the University of Toronto to demonstrate that the restraints of a diet lead to a binge, regardless of the personality, character, or starting weight of the dieter. Through years of clinical practice we have concluded that dieters are like tightly wound springs - the more restrained their eating, the tighter the spring. Once a dieter goes off his or her diet, the spring releases. The tighter that spring has been wound, the more forceful is its release. The more restrictive the diet, the bigger the binge.

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Natural Solutions to Infertility

What Should You Eat?

Essential Fats

Unfortunately fat has got itself a bad name, although it's actually only saturated fats that are harmful. Many women now consciously avoid all fats as a matter of course. But there are some fats which are vital for your health – and your fertility.

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Places to Be - A compendium of transformational holidays and places to 'just be'

This little gem of a book is for readers who seek a wider choice of holiday or retreat venues than simply bed, beach and sea breezes.

Included are over one hundred venues which offer short breaks, holidays, workshops, courses, retreats, with a variety of accommodation and food services, ranging from self-catering, bed and breakfast to vegetarian and organic food.

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Organic Cookbook

This is a gloriously illustrated, literally mouth-watering, large format and heavy (250 pages) coffee table book, which is a most appealing and informative title concerning all aspects of food.

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Natural Compounds in Cancer Therapy

|||Promising Nontoxic Antitumor Agents from Plants and Other Natural Sources

I cannot recommend this book highly enough; it is the ideal reference for every professional – clinicians and researchers, as well as general readers and patients who require to know the most up-to-date research about the huge array of topics associated with cancer. To everyone who has ever wished to see compiled the massive research evidence of most natural compounds upon the action of cancer, this book is heaven-sent.

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Perfect Skin

An extract from the book

Characterised by extremely dry, inflamed and itchy skin, eczema is a very common problem that affects one in ten of us. When eczema develops early in life, it is mainly referred to as atopic and usually runs in families with a history of allergies such as hayfever and asthma

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Numb Toes and Aching Soles: Coping with Peripheral Neuropathy

Peripheral neuropathy (PN) blights the lives of about 15 million people in the US alone; sadly however, many sufferers and physicians alike don't appear to have even heard of it, let alone be able to treat the symptoms effectively. This horrendously painful condition appears to be one of those 'Cinderella' afflictions which makes an absolute misery of people's lives, as it did the author's, a sufferer of some ten years. In this disorder, the sensory and/or motor nerve cells of the peripheral (outside of the spinal cord) nervous system become damaged, from a wide range of causes, ranging from diseases such as diabetes and AIDS, to common environmental hazards, including toxins, poisons, drugs, nutritional imbalances, medical treatments such as chemotherapy and through repetitive strains caused by common everyday working activities, such as typing (carpal tunnel syndrome).

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My Dearest Enemy, My Dangerous Friend: Making and Breaking Sibling Bonds

I am a Number One fan of Dorothy Rowe. I admire her straight-talking way of discussing the inner world of individuals in light of their family circumstances and experiences, including our fear of annihilation due to perceived threats to our sense of being a person.

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