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Positive Health PH Online September Issue 289 is published 7 September 2023. The international picture remains gloomy with the continuing war in Ukraine, as well as the death of the head of Wagner mercenary chief Yevgeny Prigozhin who is confirmed to have died in a plane crash north of Moscow following DNA testing of the bodies found in the wreckage, which included many of Wagner comrades, according to the Russian investigative committee.


Wild Fires have swept through the Canadian West, Northwest Territories as well as European countries including Greece, while Spain, Germany, Austria, Hungary, Slovenia, the Czech Republic and Georgia are some of the countries hit by torrential rain and flash floods recently.

On a more psychodrama note, following the victory of the Spanish Women’s football in the Women's World Cup final on 20 August, Luis Rubiales, head of the Spanish FA kissed Jennifer Hermoso on the lips. This has resulted in a battle to determine Rubiales’ and Coach Jorge Vilda’s fate.

Here are a number of authoritative sites with a non-mainstream take on health news:

John Dee’s Almanac – COVID v COVID (Part 3);

Alliance for Natural Health International –  What's driving turbo cancers and autoimmune flare-ups?;

Dr Sircus – Enlargement of Capillaries Narrowed by Hypoxia and Inflammation;

Dr Joseph Mercola –  COVID's Next Act: Don't Panic, but Brace for Their Next Move;

Professor Karol Sikora – Cancer survival rates for a country of the wealth and ingenuity of the UK are truly shocking;


Positive Health PH Online September Issue 289 publishes an extensive array of authoritative   articles covering a wide range of clinical and treatment approaches encompassing Mind / Body / Spirit including Editorial Features,  Letters to the EditorResearch Updates and Short Features and Brief Takes

In the cover story Sea Medicine: Nature-Nurtured Therapeutics,  Dr Rajgopal Nidamboor describes the immensely vital role of water to the planet,  to humanity and all organisms:

“Water covers approximately 70 per cent of the earth's surface; this facilitates 80 per cent of its biological productivity. More importantly, the sea represents a paradox – we all know that natural toxins in marine life forms have immense potency. Tetrodoxin, a poison, for example, found in pufferfish, seems to have no antidote. However, it is streets ahead of morphine in terms of potency. Dilute Tetrodoxin has been found to ease the real bugbear of terminally-ill cancer patients – excruciating pain. The constituent has also been found to be useful for epilepsy.

“Water is nature's most wholesome beverage. Life would have been impossible without the presence of water. Water regulates the biological and functional needs of living organisms.”

Michael Levy harangues poetically in The Poetic Truth

“Religions pro-claim me, I'm theoretically written in their holy books by every doctrine in the letter of their laws, perhaps my spirit may shine-through occasionally, alas; it is all too often dimmed by a man-made dogmatic God So go ahead if you so desire .... wear the tattered remnant garbs of my over-alls as your cover ... as your guise, however, observe how your passion tears me to shreds, you even take my bare threads to alter…

“Until then; pretend you hold me tight, dear honey-pie, scatter the ashes of my evidence into the gale-twines of man-u-fractured be-lie-f systems, while you persist on showering your hatred towards another's tribal legacy, to cause disquiet, turmoil and unrest.”


Dr Josh Redd offers strategies for dealing with autoimmune conditions in his article Patients can do Much to Manage their Autoimmunity through Diet and Lifestyle Strategies

“Autoimmune conditions represent a significant public health concern, affecting a substantial number of individuals globally. According to the American Autoimmune Related Diseases Association (AARDA), autoimmune diseases collectively impact more people than cancer[ (9 million) and heart disease (22 million) combined, affecting more than 50 million people in the US alone. These are just the diagnosed cases; undiagnosed autoimmunity represents a significant concern given the difficulty in diagnosis.

“The good news is that patients can implement evidence-based strategies to optimize their potential to slow the progression of autoimmunity or put it into remission.”


The following group of features traverse mind/body modalities of approaches to health treatments:

The Poetic Truth

Synchronize Mind and Body – Instant Brain Boosters


These next editorial features describe more global, nutritional and environmental aspects of health:

Sea Medicine: Nature-Nurtured Therapeutics

The Nature of Diseases

ABACO  Neem Farm – The Garden of Eden

Hidden Treasures in Apples Past Their Prime Part II


This next article describes a useful communication tool to us all:

A Complete Guide TO HIPAA Compliant Medical Answering Services

These articles report on clinical treatments for cancer and immune conditions:

Refractory Multiple Myeloma- New FDA Approved Treatment 2022

Patients can do Much to Manage their Autoimmunity through Diet and Lifestyle Strategies


These articles focus upon the body

Posture and Balance

How to Smooth the Transition from a Walker to a Wheelchair

Letters to the Editor Issue 289 include topics Why Do I Listen at Length to Complete Strangers?, Ways to Overcome Cisplatin Resistance and Alleviate Pain in Cancer Treatment, Alzheimer’s Drug Accelerates Rate of Brain Shrinkage By 20%, Cases of skin cancer among over 55s have soared by 195% since the 1990s.

Research Updates Issue 289 include Research in the following areas: cancer, CFS me long Covid, meditation, stress, women’s health and yoga.

I truly recommend PH Online September Issue 289 for your clinical and personal education.

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