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Positive Health PH Online June Issue 287 is published 8 June 2023. The worldview appears bleak, with serious conflicts raging in Europe – Russia’s war in Ukraine, Africa – warring Sudanese chiefs, and Uganda’s recent imposition of draconian penalties affecting homosexual practices.


The hostility and polarization experienced by all of us across the UK in many areas of everyday life – Education, Nursing and NHS Junior Doctors, Transport – continues to be sobering and depressing.

More promising are the developments of a new range of antibiotics; also the development of brain implants which have helped a paralysed man to walk again.

Artificial Intelligence may influence our society in ways beyond our current imagination, and  impact upon many aspects of our lives. However, a number of scholars and Experts are warning about risks from super-intelligent AI and have published a Statement on AI Risk on the Centre for AI Safety.

The beautiful and colourful image in the cover story – Overcoming Disillusionment with Life: A Guide to Finding Meaning and Purpose of PH June Issue 287 was generated by author Gina Pickersgill using AI.

Very sad Breaking News RIP Jan Kuśmirek (1946 - 2023).

Here are a number of authoritative sites with a non-mainstream take on health news:

John Dee’s Almanac – Do COVID Vaccines Work? (part 5);

Alliance for Natural Health International –  Eating a diet high in ultra-processed foods (UPFs) increases the risk of becoming depressed;

Dr Sircus – Atherosclerotic Cardiovascular and Cerebrovascular Disease Treatments;

Dr Joseph Mercola - Most Important Medical History Lesson We Must Never Forget;

Epoch Health – Everything ‘Could Be an Enemy’: Mast Cell Diseases Reported After COVID-19 Vaccination;

Professor Karol Sikora – Cancer: The key to getting the best care: Making the system work for you.

Chris Milbank  – Between May and December 2022, there were 32,441 excess deaths in England and Wales;

Positive Health PH Online June Issue 287 publishes a wide-ranging body of illuminating editorial features discussing numerous aspects of clinical and treatment approaches covering Mind / Body / Spirit including Editorial Features,  Letters to the EditorResearch Updates and Short Features and Brief Takes

Gina Pickersgill sets out aspects of disillusionment in her article Overcoming Disillusionment with Life: A Guide to Finding Meaning and Purpose

“Are you feeling disillusioned with life? Do you find yourself questioning the purpose of it all? You are not alone. Many people experience a sense of disillusionment at some point in their lives, and it can be a challenging and overwhelming feeling. However, with the right mindset and tools, you can overcome this sense of disillusionment and find renewed purpose and meaning in life…

“Overall, the experience of disillusionment is complex and involves several areas of the brain. It can lead to dysregulation in the brain's reward system, impair the prefrontal cortex's ability to make decisions and activate the default mode network, leading to negative self-talk and self-doubt.

“Disillusionment can arise from various areas of life, including career, relationships, health, finances, education, personal goals, and family. 

“When experiencing disillusionment, it can be challenging to stay motivated and find purpose, but it's important to remember that setbacks and challenges can also present opportunities for growth and learning. 

“By staying resilient and focusing on the things that matter most to you, you can overcome disillusionment and find renewed purpose and meaning in life.”

The following editorial features describe mind/body modalities of health treatments:

Age is Just a Number: How to Live Long and Healthy

Overcoming Disillusionment with Life: A Guide to Finding Meaning and Purpose

The following articles discuss complementary therapies and their psychological effects:

Perception – A Homeopathic View

Stress To Success

Imprisoned by Lies – Only the Truth will Set You Free

Sexual Dysfunction: Should You Be Upfront When Dating a New Partner - Advice from a Clinical Psychologist

The following editorial features involve nutritional aspects of our health:

The Effects of Fat on Weight Loss – Good or Bad?

Seaweed and Women's Health

Cervical Cancer – Symptoms, Signs and Treatments

The following articles aspects of bodywork and mind/body treatments:

Myofunctional Therapy

Regrowing Frog Limbs: What Does This Mean For Humankind?

Probiotics and Sleep Support

Why We Should Change the Way We Breathe

Letters to the Editor Issue 287 discloses information and research about Long-Term Use of Steroids, How Medical Treatment could Soon be Tailored to our Own DNA Profile, How to Improve Medical Care: Include Treatment with Nutritional Supplements.

Research Updates Issue 287 include Research in the following areas: aromatherapy, diet, ,  essential oils, homeopathy, massage, meditation, multiple sclerosis, naturopathy, neurological and neurodegenerative, sleep, and women’s health.

Sad news reported in this Issue included a Tribute to Ronnie Cummins who passed away 26 April 2023.

I wholeheartedly recommend PH Online June Issue 287 for your personal, clinical and reading enjoyment.

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