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Positive Health PH Online February Issue 284 is published live 26 January 2023. Many countries continue their descent into authoritarian rule; feeling powerless, we witness the brutal and heart-breaking consequences of naked aggression and war upon humans, animals and the environment.


Not having been adequately schooled as an historian, I have been catching up upon the long history of Mankind’s sagas of wars and aggression via several excellent, compelling yet utterly depressing series, including Simon Schama – History of Britain;  and Simon Sebag Montefiore –Vienna: Empire, Dynasty and Dream

These programmes detail Man’s Inhumanity towards Man in incredible and gross detail, incorporating many of the main sins of selfishness, lust and pride.

Perhaps eclipsing the above world noise was waking up to Research news on the BBC that “during the pandemic, nearly half a million people in the UK missed out on starting medication to help prevent heart attacks and strokes, a new study suggests.” My blood boils about the complete absence in the mainstream media about natural treatment approaches to prevent heart attacks – just blood pressure and cholesterol-lowering drugs. The entire raison d'être for the launch of Positive Health PH Online was to refute a much-quoted assertion that there was no research about complementary medicine approaches, and to attempt to bridge the chasm between conventional and natural treatment approaches and present a credible alternative to the mainstream pharmaceutically-driven paradigm. The item on the news today proves this has patently not been achieved – in fact, the reverse. According to mainstream medicine, humans need drugs to achieve health, whereas it would appear to me that there are a myriad of sensible, time-honoured approaches – healthy diet, exercise, mental health – which help to deter disease and encourage robust health.

Here are a number of authoritative sites with a non-mainstream take on health news:

John Dee’s Almanac – Trends In Causality for England, 2014/w23 – 2022/w46 (part 1);

Alliance for Natural Health International –  ANH News Beat (week 2/2023);

Dr Sircus – How Easy Is It to Fool the Entire Human Race?;

Dr Joseph Mercola - Fact Checkers Can't Hide It, Sudden Deaths Soar 1,696%;

Epoch Health – Are Athletes Dropping Dead From the COVID Jab?

Professor Karol Sikora – I believe in the power of eating well, keeping active and maintaining a healthy weight.

Positive Health PH Online February Issue 284 publishes a comprehensive collection of authoritative editorial features covering many aspects of clinical and treatment approaches encompassing Mind / Body / Spirit including Editorial Features, Letters to the Editor, Research Updates and Short Features and Brief Takes.

Carole Preen’s moving and heartfelt article Reflective Practice – A Magic Mirror on Life describes and sums up perhaps more than most I have hitherto seen what a run of personal tragedies, family death and the ensuing grief, even computer breakdown feels like and is experienced by the entire family.

“…using reflection helps us to question our lives in a positive way, evaluating what is working, what isn’t, how to deal with issues, problem-solving, and creating choices and new possibilities. It is therefore all about personal growth and learning to understand yourself and other people and to know that you cannot always control every given situation. Reflection is good for your mental health and can make you a more whole and confident person, which in turn is attractive to all those around you. If we don’t stop to reflect, we fall into the trap of just pushing through life, never changing, or adapting. We stay in jobs or relationships that do not serve us and leave us feeling stressed out and unhappy.”

The following editorial features describe mind/body modalities of health treatments:

Dream Sonata: It More than Meets the Mind

Words that Can Heal in Turbulent Times

How Can We Better Support Our Brain Health?

Reflective Practice – A Magic Mirror on Life

The following articles describe nutritional and environmental aspects of building optimal health:

Traumatic Brain Injury Overcame by Ironman Robson Lindberg

Awareness of the Symptoms of Leukaemia is Low in the South East

Why Can't I Lose Weight?

Mushroom Combination Preclinical Study Reduce Pathological Changes Associated with Parkinson’s Disease

Fuelling the Immune System for the 21st Century

The next article describes a treatment protocol for back pain:

The Alaska Back Pain Protocol – Who's It For and How Does It Work

Letters to the Editor Issue 284 provide timely information about Alzheimer’s disease, also Why Are the ‘Experts’ So Silent About Immunity? Research Updates Issue 284 include Research in the following subjects; antioxidants, back pain, cancer, heart disease, meditation, women's health and yoga.

I wholeheartedly recommend PH Online February Issue 284 for your deep reading appreciation and clinical education.

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