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Positive Health PH Online Issue 265 publishes a wide-ranging spectrum of editorial features spanning a complete gamut of Mind-Body-Spirit topics.

We have all been drowned, smothered and subjected to world-wide turmoil – on every level –by the Coronavirus pandemic which has permeated all our lives, and the myriad of deaths during the 6-7 months since COVID-19 appeared on the radar. I have been literally deluged by emails, YouTube videos and texts enumerating the most apocalyptic scenarios, enumerating the potential causes of COVID-19 – 5G masts or the endgame of COVID-19 – vaccination resulting in 90% reduction of the world’s population. According to Charles Eisenstein’s provocative Essay – The Conspiracy Myth:

“…During the time of Covid-19, another level of conspiracy theory has risen to prominence that goes way beyond specific stories of collusion and corruption to posit conspiracy as a core explanatory principle for how the world works. Fuelled by the authoritarian response to the pandemic (justifiable or not, lockdown, quarantine, surveillance and tracking, censorship of misinformation, suspension of freedom of assembly and other civil liberties, and so on are indeed authoritarian), this arch-conspiracy theory holds that an evil, power-hungry cabal of insiders deliberately created the pandemic or is at least ruthlessly exploiting it to frighten the public into accepting a totalitarian world government under permanent medical martial law, a New World Order (NWO). Furthermore, this evil group, this illuminati, pulls the strings of all major governments, corporations, the United Nations, the WHO, the CDC, the media, the intelligence services, the banks, and the NGOs. In other words, they say, everything we are told is a lie, and the world is in the grip of evil.”

Along more pragmatic lines, Robert Verkerk PhD diagnoses how we are fed a constant diet of misinformation in The Big 6 Areas of Covid Misinformation;

“There’s an increasing divide between how Covid-19 related news and information is being reported by governments, health authorities and the mainstream media on one hand, and alternative media and independent expert commentators on the other.

“This is particularly the case on matters of science. The resultant public uncertainty is fuelling ever more polarised public viewpoints in relation to what should and shouldn’t be done because of, or in spite of, the pandemic.

“…Treatment. The UK government has funded trials like RECOVERY that show that one-third of deaths linked to Covid can be averted if you use the anti-inflammatory corticosteroid, dexamethasone. Then you’ve got other protocols involving steroids, anti-inflammatories and natural agents like zinc – such as the MATH+ protocol that’s been shown to be extremely effective in preventing deaths when delivered early enough. Yet none of these treatments get formal acknowledgment by health authorities – probably because such acknowledgement of effectiveness prevents the vaccine manufacturers from being indemnified by governments – or should I say the taxpayer – in the event of vaccine injury.  Governments have been almost unified in refusing to tell people to eat healthy diets or take simple and cheap supplements like vitamin D or herbal products that reduce inflammation in the body. More and more people are waking up to the fact this decision to avoid talking about natural immunity is really much more about getting people prepared for a vaccine.”

I have literally been tearing my hair out, attempting to publish as much high quality, clinically documented information regarding non-drug, non-vaccine treatment approaches in recently issues of PH Online. Here are but a few links to several such articles.

I feel confident that the editorial features published in Issue 265 fit a high calibre of being authoritative, educational and of interest to PH Online readers; the headings below are imprecise, because many articles can’t be fitted into a single category.


Science Loves a Pretty Face,
The Peaceful War of Existence
Are You More Than You See in the Mirror?

Healing and Self-Development

Reframing AlphaGo - When Failure is not an Option!,
Caring for Yourself and Your Elderly Loved One;

Tech / Environmental

Neem – The Healer,
Bringing Sleep Clinic Quality to the Bedroom,
Decorate Your House With Colour Psychology,
The 10 Trendiest Air Purifying Plants for Your Home Office;

Clinical / Nutritional

The Fundamental Role of Autonomic Dysfunction and Lactic Acidosis in Alzheimer’s Disease,
The Best Foods for Sleep and Energy According to Experts,
Supporting Our Immune System - Plus Divulgence,
Covid-19 - Serious Mishandling Causing so Many Deaths?


Chiropractic Treatment Offers More Benefits than what Catches the Eyes,
It IS All in our Heads,


Letters to the Editor


I have continued to convey during the past 27+ years of publishing the importance to our heath and indeed our lives of valid information and to resist the temptation to subscribe to innumerable popular and promoted yet potentially harmful treatments across the range of health conditions. Our knowledge forms our defence.

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