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In our drive to become knowledgeable and professionally competent, it is timely to reconsider that while our technical expertise provides us with the skills and information to practise our trade, it is our abilities to listen, intuit, meet with and share at many levels our clients' health problems which enables us to sort through our vast regime of treatments and select those most likely to be appropriate for that person at a particular moment in time. Each individual's constitution, temperament and belief systems interact in an uniquely mysterious way which influences the course of their health.

Thus it is that self-image is so central in the treatment of eating disorders, that practises such as affirmations and visualisation can play such a vital role in so many aspects of our lives, and that deep-tissue bodywork such as rolfing may help to resolve physical and emotional problems trapped within the bodymind. Moreover juice fasting, eating living foods and following a naturopathic diet are more appropriately viewed as part of an overall lifestyle rather than as isolated nutritional practises, and that Ayurvedic, Chinese and Herbal medicine all look at the complex interrelations of the bodymind.

The integration of  body and mind is uppermost in this issue of Positive Health which incorporates the research updates from Health: State-of-the-Art.
The merging of these two publications into a larger, more frequent and less expensive magazine is a bonus to all which enhances our ability to communicate useful and stimulating information to complementary practitioners and the general reader.

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