Editorial Issue 8

Moreover, that many techniques are of fairly ancient vintage is one of the compelling attractions to therapies which are by and large without drastic side effects or irreversible surgical consequences.

This is in no way an attempt to belittle the marvellous and sometimes life-saving advances of modern medicine - surgical techniques, anaesthetics,  robotics and powerful drugs (almost always derived from natural sources).

However, it is bizarre to be constantly reading in the research literature that the 'latest' approaches to illnesses of affluence and civilisation such as cancer and heart disease, involve advising people to eat more fruit and vegetables, take more exercise, and relax.  There is, however, no room for complacency that old-fashioned but safe complementary medicine will always provide an easy cure. As far-sighted leaders in the field have noted, today's complex and polluted society has produced a profound muddying of the waters (energy) in people.

Whereas one gifted therapist or healer may bring about profound changes through their particularly insightful abilities, many conditions arising these days are not amenable to dramatic or easy cures.

In this respect we could not agree more with Leon Chaitow in his remarks expressing skepticism about certain claims made in some of the older literature reproduced in the bodywork section. Regardless of who asserts the efficacy or truth of a particular product or philosophy, the final proof must be in the experience of the recipient. The great masters have always taught never to believe, but to verify the result for yourself. That is the difference between knowledge and knowing.

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