This happens frequently; it is astonishing how many people are being diagnosed with cancer. Within the Positive Health PH Online community, I am regularly contacted by authors, practitioners regarding their own diagnosis or that of a member of their family.
Because of the work I’ve done historically, as the lead author of the Consensus Document Nutrition and Lifestyle Guidelines for People with Cancer and setting up the Nutrition and Cancer database for the Bristol Cancer Help Centre in the early 1990s, I have continued researching and discovering alternative and non-toxic treatment approaches for cancer. This in fact led to the launch of Positive Health magazine in 1994 which has carried on to PH Online with the entire archive since 1994.
Throughout the past 20+ years of the publication of Positive Health PH Online, Positive Health PH Online has published a number of authoritative and information editorial features and reviews regarding alternative cancer treatment approaches. Here are several links:
Here are links to reviews of informative books both for the patient story, but also for the diagnostic, treatment and range of therapies within.
Over the years I have therefore assembled a fairly comprehensive list of Physicians and Holistic Clinics, Practitioners of Nutritional and Herbal Medicine, information about products which may play a role in cancer treatment. When I am contacted by someone recently diagnosed and seeking treatment options, I can send them information to help with their search.
My entire working life both as a scientist, researcher, author and publisher has been driven by the objective of breaking down the artificial barriers between so-called conventional and so-called alternative medicine. Healthcare is healthcare - the treatment approaches are myriad and buried within the many disciplines of medicine.
The presentation of medicine in the media entirely consists of drugs, surgical and other procedures. Alternative and complementary disciplines which could offer effective treatment are not mentioned, except in disparaging terms. What a pity! Because cooperation and the amalgamation of the brilliant minds involved in holistic and conventional treatments would only benefit all of us.

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