Having recently launched the newest in a long line of Positive Health PH Online websites over the past 16+ years, I can only attest to the melodrama, hard work, money and human emotional exertions entailed.

My partner Mike mainly has worked tirelessly over the past 6 months to build a website not only with the infrastructure of enabling the posting and promotion of courses, events, therapists and products internationally at the national and local levels, but also with the facilities for advertisers to post, edit and monitor the performance of their listings at will by themselves.

Working in collaboration with our web engineers in India, this has been no small task. However, having studiously researched a new hosting company who could support the fairly advanced programming language and signed up with them, we have encountered the website situation from hell. After 3-4 days of installation, the engineers discovered that the hosting company didn't offer a critical programme necessary, hence the rush move to a very large hosting company. However, after a flawless run in a preview mode on their servers and the transfer of the site to a new server with dedicated IP address, the performance problems began.

Arguments with the hosting company whereby they blamed the programming of the engineers, and the engineers blaming the server finally led to the migration of the site to another server. This although better, was also too slow when under strain from heavy traffic. This large successful hosting company had perhaps 1000 customers on a single server, so that when internet traffic increased, the site groaned.

So we arrive at the present where we are imminently moving to perhaps the smallest hosting company - a 1-2 man band of engineers - our local computer engineer with a brand new linux server.

We will be going live in the next 1-2 days. Watch the space. www.positivehealth.com

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