While reveling in the sheer joy of watching consummate musicians on Jools Holland New Year's Hootenany, and the extraordinary programme 100 Years at the London Palladium, I couldn't help but reflect on how music, singing and dancing work their magic across all social divides - completely universal.

I gave up my piano about 10 years ago, initially for financial reasons, but thereafter for space constraints due to the inordinate number of books in my book cases which fill up wherever I am living, until I have a major cull and donate them to a worthy college library. Since then my enjoyment in music has been restricted to listening on my ipod and watching good films, TV, etc. My desire to perform in another musical has not recently progressed beyond preliminary research, due to my inability to commit to the inevitable rehearsals, due to the demands of Positive Health PH Online.

This year 2011, when we finally achieve the international expansion which will enable more help for me, will hopefully enable me to resume my thespian and musical aspirations, despite my imminently becoming a pensioner! However definitely no X-factor shows.

Have toyed with the idea of acquiring a PR agent to boost my profile and that of PH Online. Then perhaps my exciting and lurid life story would be attractive as a book or movie, of course for an astonishing fee, very tempting in my present impecunious state.

This week's Woman Hour discussed how the medical profession, together with the media, have been conspiring to frighten women from having home births - quite tragic and scandalous. Positive Health PH Online Jan 2011 Issue 178 has just published two major features regarding Home births: one by a senior registered midwife and nurse who discusses the issues of home births, also mentioning the impossibility of independent midwives of obtaining insurance; www.positivehealth.com/article-view.php?articleid=2940

the second discussing safe and gentle techniques of birth induction:

If I were able to adequately promote this to the world, I would have spent some time on twitter, communicating this with Woman's Hour. However, time was spent in the last minute work of publishing the issue, and I guess the moment has passed.

New Year Resolutions - make more money, have a life and locate partners in different countries who want to run their business promoting complementary practitioners and their courses, services and products, as well as contribute to the growth of holistic practice.

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