I today have been reflecting upon the last two years which have been extremely tough - having to cease the print magazine for Positive Health, selling our house in Portsmouth and due to the time pressure of that transaction, deciding to rent and then move to Ramsgate. We are still renting, and hope that circumstances will improve and enable us to buy another house in the future.

The new year 2011 presents a most herculean challenge - expansion of PH Online from the UK to an international organization, forging partnerships with agents or agencies who will sell advertising to promote practitioners, courses, books, clinics and products in their individual countries. Before that can happen, a new-design website will be unveiled, enabling people to book, pay for and enter and edit their advertisements themselves.

My mother just had her 90th birthday. I for one only want to live into old age if I am reasonably fit and healthy and still have my marbles; otherwise I will be actively campaigning for euthanasia upon demand.

Am an indefatigable workaholic, but feel that PH Online is a precious and inspiring resource which will continue to help people seeking natural, non-drug approaches to health issues.

Look forward to finding new energy for 2011, and making some money. I never realized that publishing often saps the resources of the owners but that is what is proverbially termed the wisdom of increasing age.

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