Throughout this week I have been visiting my elderly mother (aged 89) in Montreal. Believe it or not, she belongs to that stubborn minority of individuals who don't own a computer and are not interested in having one, nor accessing the internet. She also doesn't own a mobile phone and isn't interested in that either.

So you can imagine my frustration in not being able to view the masses of emails, with articles from authors, check my bank information, and generally being able to access everything on the internet.

There is and has been a silver lining, in that close to my mother's apartment there is a fantastic library with free wi-fi and internet access. So I have been a very happy visitor each day, keeping up with friends and family in the usual way.

I even discovered that for smart phones, in order to update emails, etc. you need to actually click onto the wi-fi network before you can obtain any emails, etc.

Upon my return next week, we will be publishing the Oct Issue 175 of PH Online with an array of high quality articles and research, letters, etc.

I need to go to visit my one remaining auntie - every other sibling from my mother's family has since died.

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