I had arrived back in the UK in 1989, having left in 1988 to pursue research in the USA and to fund a preliminary clinical trial regarding the potential efficacy of organic germanium with HIV sufferers. Having taken a course (DMA) which dealt with creating your own reality using the tension between what your current situation and your desired objectives, I ‘combined’ my work and life’s work, focused upon owning a property and set about going into a nutritional counselling practice in Bristol.

However, events conspired to set me on a different course which led me eventually into the publishing world, and becoming a co-owner of Positive Health magazine and PH Online. Firstly, I met, seemingly by complete coincidence, my current partner Mike Howell, at a Sherborne, Dorset coffee house. Because he desperately wanted to ‘get out of’ London, he decided to move one of his typesetting businesses to Bristol, which provided me the invaluable experience of producing books – typesetting, paste-up, camera work, proof reading and editing – much of which technology became supplanted by computers and latterly the internet during the 1990s and 2000s.

Mike sold his book typesetting business in the early 1990s; we were devoid of any work and were again adrift financially. Mike and I both trained and qualified as massage practitioners and were considering opening a clinic in Bristol when again fate seemed to intervene.

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